Lidiando con el post-vacation blues a través de un poema de Cavafis



Después de ir a Playa del Carmen por primera vez y quedar profundamente enamorado del lugar, llegaron inevitablemente los post-vacation blues. Seguir leyendo “Lidiando con el post-vacation blues a través de un poema de Cavafis”


A Night in the City

I haunt this city that night lights reveal in puddles while the night people wander,

Their pale reflections a poor sketch of a lonely traveler.

Come with me.  Hold my hand. We are two astral travelers that in silence communicate.

Dance with me through the night into the heart of this place.

Stop.  Turn and look at me.  See me.  See that these eyes do not lie.  Under her majesty that has bed the sun I say to you “Always. Always be by my side “

Stop.  Don’t turn around.  Let me see you blush.  See the old man lying on the bench?  His breath contains the sorrows of the vain yet his body is humble for it serves the rain.

Wait.  Hold on.  Up there the earth extends her mantle, the stars are about to dine.

Let me take you inside.  Here in this pub drinks are sold as dreams, let me buy you one, please.

Wait.  Stop.  Now you listen to my thoughts.  I am cold and lonely even though you walk beside me.  You can love me but don’t buy me a drink inside that bar.  Last time someone invited me a drink my heart split open.  Just take me home and kiss me goodnight on the doorstep.  I’ll sleep tighter than ever, dreaming with your city and her voices and in the morning, I will be waiting, to see you knocking gently on my door.